Full-stack .NET and JavaScript software architect

Conference Bonanza

The following few weeks will be pretty furious for me, as I'm going to attend several conferences as a speaker.

Upcoming HTTP API related changes in ASP.NET Core 2.1

Two weeks ago ASP.NET team unveiled it's roadmap for ASP.NET Core 2.1 release. In addition to some highly expected features like new SignalR version, Identity changes and WebHooks, the things that I'm most excited of are Web API improvements. These changes are summed up in an initiative with a funny name - Project KodKod - and a goal "to make MVC into a opinionated, forward-thinking, batteries included framework for HTTP APIs".

From Jekyll to Wyam

After doing mostly JavaScript development in the last few years I decided that it's time to head back to .NET world and see what's new. Actually, I never really left. There was a bunch of older .NET projects that I have maintained in the meantime and few new ones, but all of them were on full .NET Framework. My plan is to dive into .NET Core and ASP.NET Core. While I've been closely following all the new development around .NET Core, I'm yet to do a concrete project with it. Hopefully, this is about to change.