Conference Bonanza

Published on Monday, April 16, 2018

The following few weeks will be pretty furious for me, as I'm going to attend several conferences as a speaker.

Microsoft NetWork 8, Neum

Microsoft NetWork 8

This is our local Microsoft conference now almost traditionally held in Neum, a small town in Bosnia and Herzegovina on the Adriatic Sea.

Back on NetWork after a 2 year break. My slot is on Thursday at 11 am with a talk "Docker and ASP.NET Core (2.1)". The sample for this talk can be found on GitHub where I'll also put a link to the slides after the presentation.

Microsoft WinDays 18, Poreč

Microsoft WinDays 18

A week after, I'm off to Croatia and again to the Adriatic Sea. Microsoft WinDays conference is held in Poreč this year, with WinDays Technology from 25th to 27th of April.

This is my first WinDays conference which I'm really looking forward to. I got the last slot on Friday, just before the lunch at 1:30 pm. Only half an hour so I had to reorganize my demos a bit. The talk is "Building Production-Ready APIs with ASP.NET Core 2.1" which is my old talk but with latest ASP.NET Core 2.1 changes incorporated. The samples can also be found on GitHub. Link to the slides will be available after the presentation.

Weblica 2018, Čakovec

Weblica 2018

Finally, on May 12th, I'm in Croatia again. This time in Čakovec, a small town in the north part of Croatia. Unlike the previous two conferences Weblica is community driven.

I had a pleasure of presenting on this conference few years ago. They have great people there, fantastic nature and also great food. My slot is the first one after the keynote, at 9:30 am and the talk is the same as on WinDays but 15 minutes longer.

Honorable mentions

Tarabica 2018, Belgrade

Another community conference this time in Belgrade, Serbia. My plan was to nominate the talk there too this year, but unfortunately it's on the same day as Weblica where I was already accepted as a speaker. Nah, maybe next year. For those interested to attend, you can find more info on The attendance is free.

Seavus conference, Skopje

Finally, my employer Seavus is planning a one day conference in Skopje. But guess what, also on May 12th. There must be something about that day...

Anyway, three conferences are more than enough for such a short period. I'm looking forward to meet a lot of other speakers / friends and of course enjoy a bit of time off from my daily routine.

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