MS NetWork 2013 Presentation and Samples

Published on Friday, April 5, 2013

Microsoft NetWork 2013 conference was great. It's the biggest IT conference in Bosnia and Herzegovina, held in Teslić this year. I had a chance to meet some pretty cool people. Thanks to organizers for making an excellent event.

My friend Radenko Zec and I held a talk there - "Easy Transition to HTML5 using MVVM". Thanks to everyone who attended. We didn't expect the full room. Hopefully, the talk wasn't too boring. For anyone interested, the presentation and sample code can be found on GitHub: The presentation is in local language, but the samples are in English.

We had an interesting question about organizing JavaScript view models when using Knockout. We suggested Durandal as an excellent new framework for that. For alternatives, take a look at the great TutsPlus article, posted few days ago: Building Large, Maintainable, and Testable Knockout.js Applications.

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