Published on Sunday, June 10, 2012

A lot of things have happen last two-three years for me. I did some experiments (business ones, not with drugs :) ), that proved unsuccessful. During this period I neglected some important and other not so important things. Now I'm trying to get back and reset.

One of neglected things is blogging. So, in my reset mode, I have decided to abandon Blogger and start fresh on a new platform - FunnelWeb. Currently, a default FunnelWeb theme is used. I plan to tweak it up a little when I get time and/or inspiration.

Old blog posts aren't imported. If you are interested in some of my older ramblings, go to This new blog also has a new feed, so please update your feed readers:

Enough of gibberish. What's going on now?

Lately, I'm doing a lot of web development, improving my JavaScript skills and trying to follow a large community behind HTML5. While doing that, I have collected a bunch of links to various web development resources. I got tired of having all those as browser shortcuts, so in an effort to organize it a bit, Web Resources page was made. Hopefully, you'll find something useful there. I'm planing to maintain that list in a future. You can also fork it on GitHub, if you want to base your own list on it.

Also, expect a link to my new CodeProject article.

See you soon (hopefully).

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